Type 3 GO GO Personality

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Type 3 GO GO Personality

I’m sure some of you type 3 personalities struggle with hitting pause like I do. The things this little cowboy has taught me… like to pause my work brain and be present! The older he gets the more I see that I can’t juggle it all at once. He needs my undivided attention at times. If I make that time we both enjoy our day more. Just wanted to share this simple life lesson I’ve learned. Some of y’all are relaxed people. Good for you 😂 For those that are CONSTANTLY on task…drop the task. It will still be there. Write a note so you don’t forget what you were doing and go play. Take 2-3 hours of just solid time with them. Go somewhere AWAY from the house and work. That works best for me even if it’s just out to the woods. If I’m near the house or barns it’s too distracting. Work is right there! Go to the local park, beach, woods, or grandmas! Go make memories and soak it all up! They are only little once right?! Even if your kiddo is older do this! Go for a walk, ice cream, coffee. Whatever it is you both like! I’m 38 and my mom and I go flower shopping. Do you have something you like to do with your kid??? I love ideas and I bet others would too!


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