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“When you create you share a beautiful part of your soul with others.” See Eve’s silk wild rag collection of Cowboy Sketches! Eve’s wild rags have launched! Let us know what you think of this young artists work! You’ll be seeing more of her! We are so happy to offer work from a young artist and give y’all something unique to wear! See our silks collection for a full line of GHC original pieces including three of Eve’s Cowboy Sketch Wild Rags!

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I started sewing wild rags nearly 6 years ago for myself because I couldn’t find unique styles i liked, but i could find the fabric! Then friends and family wanted to buy them which led to Gilliland H&C Wild Rags becoming a thing! This adventure outgrew my dining room after a few years, and led to me hiring a local professional sewer! I’m proud to offer quality charmeuse fabrics and other poly blend fabrics that are not only stylish but hearty! Those will always be a staple around here, but I still get asked ALL the time if i carry...

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100% Pure Silks Silk is the finest fabric you can wear & we have just added several prints to the shop! These are lightweight fabrics that wrap nicely around you neck or hair! A few common questions about silk: 1.) Why is silk more expensive than satin? - "The biggest difference between the two is that silk is a natural fiber and satin is a weave. This makes silk more expensive than satin which comes from synthetic fibers. It's kinda like buying organic food! lol!" 2.) Is silk good for sensitive skin? - "Silk is hypoallergenic and reduces skin irritations,...

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