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Are you like me and find that balance is just not possible? You know how to find peace with that? Just simply don’t stress about it. Helpful huh? Let’s break that down a bit though. First make sure that whatever you are doing fits the goals you have for you, your family, and work. If it doesn’t - say no! For me it’s been making sure that no matter where either business takes me during this busy season that I’m still present with my family. That looks like breakfast, school, and Bible study each morning with Payden and at least...

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I think back to the me 20 years ago. Right outta high school. Insecure. Always feeling judged. Trying to fit in. Yeah. Maybe it didn’t appear that way but that’s how it felt. Trust me. The nerves in my stomach don’t lie. I lived in discomfort. Then for a time i surrounded myself with others that fed the negative thoughts. Justified them. Thrived on drama. I’ve grown up. My CIRCLE is smaller. Those i call for advice don’t judge me. They pray for me! They cheer me on even when we compete with each-other. Be true to yourself and your...

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