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I’m sure some of you type 3 personalities struggle with hitting pause like I do. The things this little cowboy has taught me… like to pause my work brain and be present! The older he gets the more I see that I can’t juggle it all at once. He needs my undivided attention at times. If I make that time we both enjoy our day more. Just wanted to share this simple life lesson I’ve learned. Some of y’all are relaxed people. Good for you For those that are CONSTANTLY on task…drop the task. It will still be there. Write...

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adoptionjourney, boymom, cowboymom, cowkids, littlecowboys, meltdown, midwestmom, momlife, toddleproblems, toddlerlife, westernstyle -

I think sometimes the sweetest moments in life can come straight on the back of tears and frustration. Our three year old is going through some kinda big change. He’s decided he’s scared of his room and won’t fall asleep in there at night or nap in there…. Making for late nights and one exhausted toddler. Mom and dad too. Our patience is being put to the test. Here he is late in the day and decided he only wanted mom. Didn’t wanna ride the backhoe with grandpa & dad, (that’s when you really know he’s off.) I was busy...

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