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STEP BY STEP GUIDE A silk scarf only lasts if you care for it properly, which means hand-washing for best results. Although silk is quite tough you can dull its natural appearance when you machine wash and especially if you toss it in the dryer. *Use a gentle detergent or soap. Never use chlorine-based bleach, which can damage the natural fibers. After all you wouldn’t use carpet cleaner on your own hair would you! I recommend Mild Goats Milk Soap or gentle detergent like woolite or dreft. * Prepare first - Clean your sink! There can be all sorts of...

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“When you create you share a beautiful part of your soul with others.” See Eve’s silk wild rag collection of Cowboy Sketches! Eve’s wild rags have launched! Let us know what you think of this young artists work! You’ll be seeing more of her! We are so happy to offer work from a young artist and give y’all something unique to wear! See our silks collection for a full line of GHC original pieces including three of Eve’s Cowboy Sketch Wild Rags! https://gillilandhcwildrags.com/collections/silk-wild-rags

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