Keep Your Wild Rags Pristine and Wrinkle-Free!

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Keep Your Wild Rags Pristine and Wrinkle-Free!


A silk scarf only lasts if you care for it properly, which means hand-washing for best results. Although silk is quite tough you can dull its natural appearance when you machine wash and especially if you toss it in the dryer.

*Use a gentle detergent or soap. Never use chlorine-based bleach, which can damage the natural fibers. After all you wouldn’t use carpet cleaner on your own hair would you! I recommend Mild Goats Milk Soap or gentle detergent like woolite or dreft.

* Prepare first - Clean your sink! There can be all sorts of oils lurking in a sink and you are about to put a very expensive and delicate item of wearable art in there. Give it a thorough clean to remove any grease and then an even more thorough rinse with water to remove any residual chemicals.

* DON’T GET INTO HOT WATER - The warmer the water the more easily dirt particles are removed from a fabric, BUT with silk you want to avoid hot water because it will fade and breakdown your fabric. The temperature should be lukewarm. With silk you should always err on the side of caution.

1) Pre-treat makeup or oil stains on the scarf before hand-washing. Apply mild soap directly onto the stained spot. Work it into the fabric with your fingers. Allow the soap to work for at least 15 minutes before you continue washing the entire scarf.

2) Fill a Sink With Cool Water and Detergent - Swish the detergent through the water to evenly distribute it. Add the scarf and gently wash. Avoid excessive rubbing, even during hand-washing, because it can break the silk fibers and dull the finish. Rinse the scarf carefully in cool water.

3) Now To Dry - To remove excess moisture, place the scarf between two absorbent towels. Pat or gently roll the towels to remove as much moisture as possible. DO NOT wring or wrinkle the silk any more than necessary. Remove as much moisture as possible with the towels. Now allow the scarf to air dry some on a rack or flat dry.

4) Ironing - Silk should be slightly damp when ironed. Use a warm—never hot—iron setting and have the steam on to help prevent and burns. Press the scarf on the wrong (opposite) side of the fabric using a clean white cloth between the silk and the iron is recommended but if careful not mandatory. Avoid pressing rolled hems so they stay round.

*If you must wash the silk scarf in a washing machine, put it in a mesh bag and wash it on a delicate cycle. Do not machine-dry, as the heat will ruin the fabric.

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